Punch is one of the largest student volleyball societies in the Netherlands with about 360 members. 5% of the members is non-Dutch speaking. Punch provides two types of volleyball. Throughout the year there you’re be playing indoor volleyball, and beach volleyball optionally. Training is given for both types of volleyball.

Indoor Volleyball
If you play volleyball at Punch you will be in one of the 13 ladies or one of the 13 men’s teams depending on the level at which you play volleyball. Levels vary from beginner to experienced. Depending on the level of volleyball, you will train once or twice a week somewhere between 17:30 & 00:00. The training is given either on Monday or on Wednesday evening at the Unit Sport of the University, or the TOPdeskhal. Next to the trainings every team will play matches almost every week, mostly on friday.


More experienced teams will be trained by external trainers. The lower level teams are trained by trainers from Punch. These are members that enjoy teaching you about volleyball. These trainers are also your coaches for the matches. If you join the indoor training you will play matches within the regional competition against non-student teams. These matches are either on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. If you like, you can also become a coach of a team. During the Regel-Je-Coach-BBQ (arrange-a-coach-barbeque) you can search for extra coaches for your team, while other teams can ask you to become their coach.

It’s a good tradition to have a theme with your team. Last year we had Kentucky Five Chicken (Gents 5) and Triquila Sunrise (Ladies 3). Before each match you have dinner with your teammates to get to know them better.

Beach Volleyball
Volleyball is an indoor sport. Ideal if it is raining and storming outside during the autumn and winter. But when the sun comes during spring and autumn it is time to enjoy the beautiful weather by playing beach volleyball. At the Unit Sport there are 4 beach courts which are used by Punch, together with 2 other societies from Delft.

Indoor Beach training is provided throughout the winter by Punch Beach. Outdoor beach training is provided from April to June. As with the indoor training the more experienced teams get training from external trainers, while the less experienced teams get training from Punchers. To see whether you’ve learned anything from the training you’re able to participate in a local competition. This competition is together with the 2 other volleyball societies in Delft.


Do you have what it takes to play volleyball? You can join the try-outs, where you can see which level of volleyball is appropriate for you. The open trainings are in the three weeks after the OWee on Monday and Wednesday. The last of these three weeks is only for people whom have already subscribed. If you want to become a member of Punch you have to be a student (not PHD), attend at least 2 try-outs and subscribe before the 6th of September. The trainingschedule for the try-outs will be published here later in the summer.

Punch is more than just volleyball! A lot of activities are organised besides volleyball. We have our own bar which is open each Friday. You can have a beer to celebrate a victory or forget about your loss. Highlights during the year are the PIQ-weekend, the SJIEK-party and the SPOENK tournament. The PIQ-weekend is a weekend organised for the freshmen at Punch. The whole society enjoys a weekend off. You get to know other freshmen as well as all the other members of Punch. The SJIEK-party is the annual prom.


You can join one of the committees and extend your horizon. This is not only a lot of fun, you also learn a lot about organizing an event. It gives a lot of satisfaction when you organise a good event. There are more serious committees, such as the TK, which makes sure you are in the right team.

Punch is not only a sport society, but also a lot of fun during your life as a student!

Our own bar
For 10 years Punch has her own bar. This is the place to be every Friday. During the OWee the bar is open for the whole week, except on tuesday night when the sport party has begun, so come and take a look. You can find Punch in the Cultuurlab. The entrance is at the side of the building. If you can’t find it, you can give a call: 06-24467580.

Brabantse Turfmarkt 9
2611 CK Delft

De Locatie van het Pand van DSVV Punch.



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